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How do I organise a fieldtrip to the  Outdoor Classroom at Doneraile?

Woods, wetlands and ancient deer parks.

Doneraile Wildlife Park

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Doneraile Park extends to c. 500 acres of woodland, wetlands and deer parks adjacent to the River Awbeg in Doneraile, Co. Cork.


It is the formal parkland of the St. Leger family who enclosed this beautiful space for their private use nearly 400 years ago. Today it is a public park run by the Office of Public Works and is open all year round. It contains formal gardens, pleasure grounds, river cascades and lakes, ancient trees, deer herds, Kerry cattle, and beautiful flora and fauna associated with the river and managed woodlands.


The Doneraile Park Education Primary Program allows school groups access to the wonderful world of bugs, animal tales and trails, become woodland warriors or explore water worlds in a safe environment.

So come and take part in a bug treasure hunt to find the weird and wonderful bugs that live under rocks and in trees … search for signs of native Irish animals that live here … learn about the secret senses of trees … investigate the river and wetlands and identify what strange creatures make the park their home!


Facilities include:

  • Extensive car and bus parking facilities

  • Tearooms (open 10-4pm in winter and 9-6pm in summer)

  • Toilets at Tearooms and at main car park beside playground

  • Picnic areas and playground

  • Over 10km of woodland, parkland and river walks

  • Outdoor class areas adjacent to picnic and river sites

  • Indoor classroom adjacent to Tearooms

  • Equipment and materials for activities available.

  • The Doneraile Park Education Primary Program is promoted and facilitated by the Doneraile Development Association in conjunction with the Doneraile Court and Demesne Steering Group.

What does Doneraile Wildlife Park Outdoor Classroom offer your school?

Where Is Doneraile Wildlife Park?

Doneraile Park is 12km from Mallow, in the village of Doneraile, Co. Cork.


Directions from Doneraile:

Coach and car access – via Beech Walk entrance 0.5km north of village.

Pedestrian access to Doneraile Park from village – use archway at “Eily’s” on main street.


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Programmes available at Doneraile Wildlife Park

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Animal Tales and Trails (1st & 2nd Class)

Learn all about Irish animals, what they eat, where they live and the food web they are part of on an exciting adventure in Doneraile Park. Try your hand at building an animal shelter or tracking animals through the forest.


Woodland Warriors (3rd & 4th Class)

Come and learn all about the secret senses of the trees, the plants and the animals that depend on them for survival. Perhaps even try your hand at building a survival shelter.


Water Worlds (5th & 6th Class)

Investigate the river and wetlands at Doneraile Park. Discover strange creatures, test the health of the river and see how you can help protect it.

Make a booking using the online form or by telephone.


We recommend that you download the Fieldtrip Planner and Guidelines for Safe Learning Outdoors from our downloads page and use these to prepare for your fieldtrip.


Find out more about Doneraile Wildlife Park at

This map can be downloaded and printed from our Downloads Page.

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"It was a wonderful day out, full of hands on experiences. The children learnt and explored at their own level and getting to touch and see everything they were learning about means they'll remember it."


M. Kelly, Principal, Co. Cork.

"The boys thoroughly enjoyed their day. The facilities and programme exceeded my expectations. I would definitely do this all again. "


- Mr. M Breen, Teacher, Co. Cork